About Us

Mingo and Micki


Partners in crime.


Our four legged friend romping in the forest

Our four legged friend romping in the forest.

Mingo and Frank


Checking the property.

 As we planned retirement  from careers in education at a New Jersey high school, and sharing a lifelong dream to retire to a rural setting, we searched for our ideal location. 

In 2007, venturing into the mountains of West Virginia, we fortunately discovered our "almost heaven" on earth.  Since taking residence in 2008, adjacent properties came up for sale and our holdings grew.  Currently our residence and the rental cabin sit on 85 acres. 

Prior to education, both our backgrounds were in public service,  Michaeline, as a flight attendant and Frank as a flight instructor.  We  share a fondness for working with people.  We are involved with the local fire dept and enjoy working with the community.  Our goal is to share our blessings with those around us. We have a wonderful cabin and wish to allow others to appreciate our surroundings.